On the lookout for anything that might help me walk better

February 27, 2018

Because I have a disease for which there is no cure, I tend to take a second look at just about any product that might help ease my MS symptoms and my make day-to-day life more bearable.

If you follow my blog, you may know MS has affected my ability to walk. For some years now, I have been using a cane to help me walk better.

And I began wearing a WalkAide device on my right leg about three years ago.A WalkAide is a functional electrical-stimulation device for the treatment of foot drop. I  wear it on my right leg, just below the knee. And it works!

Last year, I purchased a mobility scooter that I use when I travel. Normally, I walk with the aid of a cane. But with a scooter, I can get around in places that require lots of walking without the fatigue that walking causes me.

Around the first of this year, I happened upon something else that helps improve my gait —  Voxx socks. I heard about them from my friend Peggy Bonfield and watched a testimonial about how the socks had helped someone else with MS, so I bought a few pair and tried them out. (I even stopped wearing my WalkAide for almost a month while I tested the socks.)

Having worn them for a month, I feel that they help improve my gait. I feel more stable when I am wearing the socks on than when I walk without them. Earlier this week, I started wearing my WalkAide again, and I continue to see improvement.

As I said earlier, I will try anything within reason that I think might help with my MS symptoms. I’m not saying these socks will help everyone walk better. I’m just saying that they seem to help me.

If you would like to learn more about Voxx socks, you can go to the company’s website at voxxlife.com/peggyb, where you can read about the technology and see testimonials.





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