Looking for a Christmas gift?

November 25, 2017



If friends or relatives on your Christmas list have ties to Leeds, Alabama, consider buying them a copy of Leeds, a history of this small Alabama city that straddles Jefferson, Shelby and St. Clair counties.

A resident of Leeds for 25 years, I collaborated with Leeds native and City Historian Pat Hall to write the book. The 127-page book includes 200 photographs that tell the story of the people of Leeds, from the first generation to the present one, and their many accomplishments that make the city a pleasant place to live. The first history of Leeds to be published nationally, the book was released by Arcadia Publishing on Oct. 1, 2012.

You can order a copy of Leeds on my website, www.janenewtonhenry.com, or on www.amazon.com.



One Response to “Looking for a Christmas gift?”

  1. elizabethvk1963 Says:

    Hi Jane, I have enjoyed your blogs about Paris! I had bunion surgery and am about to have it again on the other foot,so I am laying a little low for a while. May I have your address? thank you! Love,elizabeth


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